AssHole of the Year!!


Recently I had to go to my Company's World Headquarters in North West Arkansas (Not Wal-Mart!) for a week of meetings.  I found the area and the people to be the best.  The People are so Friendly and the area is so nice that I am seriously considering moving to the area if a Job opens in the area with my company.  Of course their has to be one on every crown, and this one I happen to make pictures of during his road rage.  I shall not go into details, but this person is truly an ASS!! His tag is Arkansas Razorback 1PCX.  Of course you can see his tag on one picture and him flipping me the bird in another.  I realize he is not indicative of the people of the area, but probably not from the area. This information and pictures is also being forwarded to the local and State police.


Please, if you know this person please let them know that this page is here!

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