06/07/1938     12/26/2004


My Father Worked at NASA in Huntsville Alabama during the heyday of the Apollo program.  My Father was also the first person to ever see pictures that the Astronauts made on the moon.  The film was developed elsewhere and the negatives brought to him in Huntsville to print. They were highly guarded at the time. He also knew and photographed  lots of famous people, from John F. Kennedy, Wernher von Braun, Astronauts to many celebrities.  Else where on this website you can see some of the pictures that he handled while at Nasa.


Below you will see my Father sitting at Von Braun's desk on a sound stage.  Father and a crew were sitting up for Von Braun to do a filmed presentation. This picture was made sometime in the late 60's.  Apparently around Christmas. 




This is Father (on the crutches) and one of his buddy's at NASA photographing The Super Guppy

Note the film magazine in his hand. Yeap, this was the 60s, and a big time at NASA. 

This pictures hangs above my desk at work.  

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